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A Time For Superheroes?

jokerEven as one of the most critically claimed comics of all time hits the theaters because of it’s noticeably anti-hero and darker properties,  it’s important to understand why we (as consumers) love superheroes. Personally, I like watching Batman beat the snot out of 6 or 7 guys at once, but there’s a deeper more meaningful reason as well: The idea that someone who’s larger than life can step in and intervene on the side of good or evil, and with great effect too.

As we continue to limp through the recession (and some have used the dreaded “D” word as possibility), superhero movies are doing better than ever. Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk (the second movie, the first meh), and Iron Man have all been launched to great fanfare, and that trend is likely to continue.  Just ask the creator of the joker himself, Jerry Robinson:

“We were just emerging from the Depression,” Robinson recalls. “Superman started in 1938. Batman started in 1939. So, we were just recovering.”

Batman recently had a stellar time despite the recession as well. The Dark Knight recently became the second highest grossing movie of all time, and the Joker was widely credited for that success. Personally I expected much of the hype was due to Heath’s unfortunate death before the movie was released, but changed that view soon after seeing it for the first time.

So as you’re prepping yourself for the upcoming Avenger movies or one of my personal favorites, Thor, it’s important to enjoy the escapism for awhile. We can expect more movies down the pike, and I’d wager this whole comic book character popularity will continue l0ng after the recession officially ends.

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