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Bravo Greenlight’s NYC Prep, A Real-Life Gossip Girl

NYC PrepBravo has decided to take a break from its exhaustive and exhausting Real Housewives series and focus on a different rich, spoiled demographic. They’ve greenlight NYC Prep, which is being billed as the real-life Gossip Girl. The docu-drama will premiere on Tuesday, June 16 at 11:00 pm Eastern/10:00 Central, then move to its regular 10:00 pm Eastern/9:00 Central timeslot on June 23.

The new series will follow six privileged teenagers who attend Manhattan’s elite high schools. The stars of the series are:

Camille – A 16 year old junior who excels at academics and sports but has trouble finding a boyfriend. She enjoys clubbing and playing the peacemaker when drama arises.

Jessica – A 17 year old senior who wants to attend FIT and pursue a career in fashion. She’s also heavily involved in charity organizations and events.

Kelli – A 17 year old junior who shares an apartment with her brother while her parents live in the Hamptons. As such, her place becomes party central. Kelli wants to be a singer.

PC – An 18 year old senior, PC is a popular ladies’ man. He enjoys photography, music, and working out. He wants to reconnect with Jessica, an old friend whom he dated at one time.

Sebastian – A 16 year old sophomore who is a native French speaker and makes the girls swoon with his accent. He loves sports, hitting the clubs with his best friend, and being involved in charities.

Taylor – A 15 year old sophomore who attends public school but crashes the parties of her elite prep school peers. She trains every day in dance and enjoys being politically active.

Do any of these kids sounds like the real life Serena, Blair, or Chuck? Or, like with most things, is fiction more interesting and watchable than reality?

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