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David Letterman Ties The Knot

daveIt seems there’s no shortage of important news these days when it comes to talk show hosts (although I think “important” is up for debate). From Conan going to a new spot to his replacement Jimmy taking up the later one with a slightly choppy debut, there’s been plenty to talk about. With that said, we have an entirely unrelated piece of news, David Letterman recently married his long time girlfriend.

When I say long time I mean a really long time! They first started dating in 1986, when they met backstage at his show. They recently had a sun together as well back in 2003.Dave was all laughs when he made the announcement on his show. He pointed out that he had a great run going 23 years without getting married, and that he said “I secretly felt that men who are married admired me. Like I was the last of the gunslingers if you know what I mean.”

It wasn’t all smiles at the wedding though, apparently their truck got stuck in the mud in Montana, and that he had to walk 2 miles back to his house to get help to get it our. Regardless of whether you like this show or not though, it’s hard not to hope for the best for him. Good luck buddy!

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