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It’s Official! Two and a Half Men Gets Three Full Seasons

menIt’s pretty unusual when a show manages to pull in a multi year deal with it’s network. I mean there’s a lot of risk involved in renewing a show for a long period of time considering how fickle most fans are. On the other hand the series is the most watched comedy on TV, so it’s not all that surprising to hear that it will remain on CBS from now until the end of 2012, officially.

CBS announced that it inked the order for three more series of a season that’s (and I feel old when I say this) been around for six years and counting. CBS also confirmed that they’ll be keeping The Big Bang Theory around until 2011, which is possibly more surprising since the show has only been around for two years. Both of these series are run by the same guy, Chuck Lorre, who’s a veteran writer for sitcoms. Both of those shows have a pretty loyal following, with Men averaging 15 million viewers while Big Bang pulled in an average of 10 million.

Of course if they’re keeping Two and a Half Men around that means that we’ll see a resolution soon for the $49 million lawsuit. Warner Brothers accused the network of breaching their contract, and The Hollywood Reporter says that they’ll be coming to a settlement next week.

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