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Project Runway Lawsuit Resolved: Series Moves to Lifetime This Summer

Project RunwayIn the TV network business, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Auf wiedersehan, Bravo! After a protracted legal battle, fashion-focused reality show Project Runway will officially be moving to Lifetime. The parties involved – Lifetime, NBC Universal (which owns Bravo), and The Weinstein Company (which produces Project Runway) – have resolved their dispute.

Under the new agreement, the Weinstein Company will pay NBC Universal for the rights to move the show from Bravo to Lifetime. The sixth season of the series, which had completed filming at Fashion Week in January, is expected to begin airing on Lifetime this summer. It will be paired with a companion series, Models of the Runway, which is also produced by The Weinstein Company.

All of the principle cast members – host and judge Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn, and judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors – will be returning. The new season was filmed in Los Angeles, a change from the New York City location of the five Bravo-aired seasons. It is to be the first of five seasons contracted between Lifetime and The Weinstein Company.

Are you excited about the return of Project Runway or has the long legal battle and the move away from Bravo killed your interest? I’m looking forward to it, if only to see if the new season will have someone as crazy as Kenley “cat tosser” Collins.

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