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Smallville Villain To Comedy?

smallvilleThere’s usually one of two outcomes when an actor/actress goes from a role that they usually aim for and something completely and utterly different. Most of the time this is a transition of genre, such as Jim Carrey going from playing a raving maniac who speaks out of his ass to a rather serious schlub who grows up in a fake TV show for the whole world to see. Depending on who you ask, that transition worked fairly well (and he’s done various roles in serious movies since then), but can you imagine say, Seth Rogen starring in the sequel to Angela’s Ashes? Sometimes these things just don’t work.

I’ve always been a big Smallville fan (I blame my fiance who watched the show religiously) and it appears that Michael Rosenbaum will be making the jump from serious comic book drama over to a new genre: comedy. Rosenbaum previously played an arch-villain Lex Luthor in the show, but will now be conquering the role of…husband.

Rosenbaum will actually get to sport hair, and plays a guy with an adopted son in the upcoming NBC comedy which is produced by Justin Adler (who helped create Samantha Who?).Now imagine, if you will, Superman’s greatest enemy fighting for control of the kitchen, and that’s what we’ll get. That said I’m still fairly confident that he’ll make the shift, and I wish him the best in his upcoming role!

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