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Spike TV Develops Docudrama About US Navy Vs. Pirates

USS BoxerPirates are suddenly hot again and Johnny Depp in eyeliner has nothing to do with it this time. Spike TV announced today that they are filming a new docu-reality series about the United States Navy’s ongoing fight against modern piracy off the African coast. The series is tentatively titled Pirate Hunters: USN and is produced by 44 Blue Productions.

The Navy will give Spike unprecedented access on two of its warships, the USS Boxer and the USS San Antonio. Filmmakers will live aboard the ships and follow the crews from their home base at Djibouti to their patrols and engagements with Somalian pirates and hijackers on the open water in the Gulf of Aden.

“Piracy off the coast of Africa is a real and deadly threat,” said Rasha Drachkovitch, president and founder of 44 Blue Productions. “With ‘Pirate Hunters: USN,’ our goal is to capture that drama for the TV audience in order to highlight the heroic work undertaken by the US Navy every day in this fight against terrorism.”

Piracy in the region, primarily fueled by the lawless turmoil in Somalia, has seen a sharp rise recently. The announcement about the new Spike TV series comes only a day after Captain Richard Phillips of an American cargo ship carrying relief goods to Kenya was freed when the pirates who held him hostage were killed by Navy SEAL snipers. The standoff and resolution has made news headlines around the world.

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