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TV Stations Killing Analog Early

digitaltvSo as we know, the original date to officially swich over from analog to digital signals was pushed back for a variety of reasons, some of which seemed rather flimsy and a few that were legitimate. Despite these plans, however, a number of stations are starting to pull the plug early and make the switch over from analog.

So far, about 158 stations are planning to hit lights out for analog early. Of course as you might expect, most of these are rather small and aren’t part of the major commercial networks out there. NBC and ABC affiliates (Denver) are notable exceptions and will shut down analog April 16.

Another important station to note is PBS, which is tired of footing the cost for analog broadcasts and responsible for a wide number of the stations shutting down.

Nielsen Co. notes that about 4.5 million households receive only analog signals, leaving them woefully unprepared for the digital age. That figure also includes households that bought a converter box but haven’t connected it yet, so maybe they’re just waiting for the official switch? Who knows!

Uncle Sam has been helping to fit the bill for said boxes, but unfortunately while he does have a few hundred billion lying around for distressed financial companies, the money allocated for the government coupon program recently ran out of money in January. Thankfully the recent stimulus package means more TV converter boxes everyone in an effort to…I guess help bring the economy back on track?

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